Stephen Most

Stories Make the World: Reflections on Storytelling and the Art of the Documentary

Stories Make the World shows how documentary filmmakers and other nonfiction storytellers come to understand their subjects and cast light on the world through their art.

Filled with fascinating detail and insight into a very broad range of storytelling, Stories Make the World is an important addition to the books on documentaries and on storytelling in general. It will be very valuable for all students and makers of documentary films and for everyone who cares about the power of documentary to tell dramatic stories and to enhance our understanding of the world.

—David L. Brown in Eat, Drink, Films

River of Renewal: Myth and History in the Klamath Basin

River of Renewal tells the story of the Klamath Basin, a region of the Pacific Northwest that spans the Oregon-California border. There are Indian reservations at the headwaters, along the estuary, and across the major tributary of the Klamath River. In this place that has witnessed, ever since the Gold Rush, a succession of wars and resource conflicts, myths of the West loom large, amplifying differences among the inhabitants of a land united by water.

If a new book of regional history aspired to classic status, it would be ingeniously conceived and gracefully written. It would break new ground and offer penetrating insights. It would prove indispensable to understanding a controversial current event. Stephen Most has written such a book.

—Portland Oregonian

In the Presence of the Past: Washington State History Museum

In the Presence of the Past: The Washington State History Museum

Having few artifacts to display, Washington's Historical Society created a Theater of History for the permanent exhibit of its new museum. It built representative structures including a native longhouse, a Hooverville shack, and an electrical tower; dioramas with more than ninety audio voices; and sculptures of historic figures who speak as visitors pass by.

The Broken Circle: A Search for Wisdom in the Nuclear Age

This book includes selections from interviews for documentaries; passages from speeches at two conferences, the Meeting of the Ways and the Fate of the Earth; a dialogue between Ram Dass and Daniel Ellsberg about civil disobedience; and an interview about humanity and inhumanity with Erik H. Erikson.

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